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Last updated: 16 April 2020  
Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawal Capability and Other Important Information 17 March 2020   [print]

Security Tips

Enhanced Security Measures for Overseas ATM Transactions

As a reliable and secure feature of ATM services provided by member banks, the overseas ATM cash withdrawal capability for all ATM cards (including debit cards and credit cards) issued by member banks in Hong Kong is pre-set as "de-activated" to minimize unauthorized ATM transactions. Cardholders intending to make cash withdrawals from ATMs overseas (including those in Mainland, Macau and places outside Hong Kong) should activate the overseas ATM cash withdrawal capability in advance to set the effective and expiry date as well as the withdrawal limit for the activation period using any one of the convenient channels provided by member banks.

For the convenience of the public, HKAB has published a list of member banks which provide ATM services, together with the channels they provide for activating the overseas ATM cash withdrawal capability. [Click HERE to download the list]

Different from Internet banking, mobile banking and phone banking which have authentication controls for registered users, cardholders calling the bank's hotline which supports activation of the service will need to provide information for customer identification purposes as part of the activation process. Any enquiries for more details should be made with the relevant card-issuing bank.

General Process of Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawal Capability


ATMs with protruding symbols to enhance access to ATM services by visually impaired customers

To enable visually impaired customers to better enjoy the convenience of ATM services, ATMs in Hong Kong are displayed with three distinct protruding symbols to indicate the slots to insert ATM cards, pickup cash and collect customer receipts.
Location of ATMs

HSBC network

Hang Seng Bank network

JETCO network

TV Commercial (in Cantonese with English Subtitles) (2013)
Radio Announcement in the Public Interest (radio API)

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