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Enhanced ATM Security Measures
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Last updated: 07 February 2013  
Enhanced Security Measures for Overseas ATM Transactions [print]
 [  Introduction  |  Promotional Materials]

1. Introduction

To further enhance the security of ATM services across the banking industry, with effect from 1 March 2013, the overseas ATM cash withdrawal capability for all ATM cards (including debit cards and credit cards) issued by Authorized Institutions in Hong Kong will be pre-set as “deactivated” to minimize unauthorized ATM transactions.

To make use of this new security feature, cardholders intending to make cash withdrawals from ATMs overseas (including those in Mainland, Taiwan, Macau and places outside Hong Kong) should activate the overseas cash withdrawal capability in advance through ATMs, online banking, phone banking or bank branches as provided by the relevant card issuing bank and then set the effective and expiry date for the activation period as well as the overseas ATM cash withdrawal limit. Individual banks have started communicating the detailed arrangement to their customers. Cardholders should contact their own card issuing banks for details.

To help the public understand the enhanced security feature, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and the Hong Kong Association of Banks (HKAB) will be publicising the details through television and radio and on their websites.

2. Promotional Materials
leaflet(PDF) is designed to provide a brief outline of the activation procedures for overseas ATM transactions.

3 clips of radio Announcement in the Public Interest (radio API) in Cantonese, English and Mandarin versions are designed to promote the message of the enhanced security measures for overseas ATM transactions. The radio APIs will be broadcasted in different channels in Hong Kong for half a year, starting from 11 February 2013.

Radio API in Cantonese

Radio API in English

Radio API in Mandarin


In addition, a TV commercial is to produced to publicise the message, which will be broadcasted in different channels in Hong Kong for half a year, starting from 7 February 2013.  

(Note: The above video episodes are playable with Windows Media Player v.7.0 or above. Free download of the Player is available here.)

   Security Tips in Using ATMs (Chinese only)

 ATM simulation programme (Chinese only)
allows you to experience the basic use of ATMs, i.e. cash withdrawal, reset PIN, as well as the activation and cancellation of overseas ATM cash withdrawal.

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